Zero Waste Initiatives

Composted fruits and vegetables mix with soil beside springtime autumn crocus leaves. Composted orange peels, red onion skins, a plant, and rich soil form a colorful compost concept:  waste is recycled to become something beautiful, useful, good.

Look into an average American dumpster and you will likely find a wide range of materials on their way to a landfill. Many of these resources could easily be repurposed for other products and applications. Today, many of the world’s leaders in responsible business practices have attained high levels of waste diversion from landfills by engaging in zero waste initiatives at their facilities. These initiatives provide companies with an opportunity to identify wasteful practices and isolate inefficiencies while improving customer relations. In our latest publication, we explore some of the key considerations for organizations that are interested in zero waste planning.

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Cover of the zero waste white paper


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Heather Sandefur is one of the founding principals of Paradigm Sustainability.  You can find out more about Paradigm on our website.